Jenni (@jenniferellegard): "Passionate about history, travelling and Lindy hop.... Oh, and I write too "

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Name: Jenni Ellegard

Instagram: @jenniferellegard

Travel Blog:

Featuring Adventures In: The United Kingdom, Beijing, New Zealand

"For me, travelling isn’t just about seeing new places – it’s learning about it too. I’m fascinated with history, and whenever I travel anywhere I always try and find out learn about what was there first. It’s great seeing ruins, landscapes, or cities, but you see them in a different light when you know more about them. 

Every year I challenge myself to do something I’ve never done before – whether it’s hiking mountains or teaching abroad, and as a result, I’m seeing more of the world and learning more about myself than I ever thought possible. Don’t just travel to see the world – travel to learn about it."
Jenni Ellegard

Thank you for sharing, Jenni!

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