About Honeybear Co.


Our Mission:

To Inspire adventure and generate positivity.

Our Motto:

From one beautiful journey to the next, we believe that everyone should live for exploration and new discoveries because positive energy is unavoidable when your life is one grand adventure!"

Our Community: The Beartribe

The Beartribe is a unique group of optimistic explorers. 
community of adventurers, explorers, discoverers, wanderlusters, travelers, free spirits, and outdoor enthusiasts that support Honeybear's mission to inspire adventure and generate positivity.

No matter your adventure, if it brings you positive energy it is an adventure that Honeybear and the Beartribe supports!

Learn more about the Beartribe.

We hope that you will join us on our journey to inspire adventure!

 Our (PEAK) Values:


We work every day to spread positive energy to those currently in our lives and to those who we have yet to meet.


We take each day as a chance to explore new places and discover new things.


We seek out opportunities for new, exciting experiences. 


We strive to do only good in world around us, to the individuals who surround us, and for ourselves.