The #BearTribe

What does it mean to be a part of the #BearTribe?

The #BearTribe is a community of (but not limited to) adventurers, explorers, travelers, discoverers, hikers, paddle boat enthusiasts, mountain bikers, outdoor enthusiasts, trekkers, and weekend campers. These individuals are united by their belief that positive energy can be released from exploration and adventure.

These individuals uphold the #BearTribe promise:

As a part of the #BearTribe I will...

...spread positive energy to those currently in my life and to those who I have yet to meet.
...never stop adventuring and exploring my passions.
...take each day as a new chance to see new places and learn new things.

How can I become involved in the #BearTribe?

  • Rep the #BearTribe! There is an easy way to find other members of the #BearTribe, just look for Honeybear's logo! By wearing our gear you will be representing a belief that is much larger than just one person: that adventure generates positivity! 
  • Snap a photo in your Honeybear gear! If you want to help the #BearTribe discover new places and new adventures, the next time you are out exploring your passion take a photo in your Honeybear gear and upload it to Instagram with the # "BearTribe" (and tag @co.honybear)! If your photo is good enough, we may feature it on our page!
  • Follow us on Instagram (@beartribe)! We update our Instagram daily with new places that #BearTribeAmbassadors have discovered!
  • Join the #BearTribe group on Facebook! This is an open group that members of the #BearTribe can post in; share links to your travel blog, talk about recent and upcoming adventures, and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts.

What am I waiting for?

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