The Beartribe

What does it mean to be a part of the Beartribe?

The Beartribe is a unique group of optimistic explorers.
More precisely, it is a community of (but not limited to) adventurers, explorers, travelers, discoverers, wanderlusters, free spirits, and outdoor enthusiasts that support Honeybear's mission to inspire adventure and generate positivity.

    How can I become involved in the Beartribe?

    • Rep the Beartribe!

    There is an easy way to find other members of the Beartribe, just look for Honeybear's logo! By wearing our gear you will be supporting a mission that is much larger than just one person: to inspire adventure and generate positivity! 

    • Snap a photo in your gear!

    Help the Beartribe discover new places and new adventures! The next time you are out exploring your passion take a photo in your Honeybear and upload it to Instagram with the # "Beartribe" (and tag @beartribe)!

          beartribe instagram pageInstagram Beartribe
          We update our Instagram daily with new places to spark your curiosity!

          Camera with map planning out a trip
          Was your last expedition one that everyone has to hear about? Or, maybe you know the best road trip across the lower United States and you can't keep it a secret anymore. No, we bet you have the best undiscovered photo's from your sunrise hike and you need to share them with the world (because, well, who else gets up that early? Oh, that's right the real MVP's who bless our TL before we wake up.)

          Whatever your adventure, we want to hear about it. Email us your story at! Please be sure to include your name, social media accounts and handles, and any necessary attachments (i.e. photos, videos, etc.)